Play Bingo 60 from Tombola with up to £25 Free

Bingo 60 at Tombola gives players the chance to win 5 times. That’s right, whatever time of day you get 5 tickets, 5 jackpots and 5 unique chances to win at Bingo 60 from Tombola. You can play from 25p to £2 and win Jackpots of up to £20,000 on Bingo 60.

Tombola remains as one of the most popular brands in the UK among online bingo players because they offer unique games like Bingo 60 that you can’t get anywhere else. They are the first to have developed the Bingo 60 game and it has been a really exciting game for UK players.

How do I Play Bingo 60 at Tombola?

Bingo 60 is similar to a regular game of bingo. The main objective is still to be the first player to call Bingo. However, instead of 1 game you are playing 5 games on your one stake. So, Bingo 60 is great value for players! You can win up to £20,000 on a stake of £2. The breakdown of how you play Bingo 60 is as follows;

  1. You can buy tickets from 25p, 50p, £1 or £2 and it is your decision how much you want to stake on each game. The more you stake the more your payout.
  2. Instead of 90 ball or 75 ball bingo, this game is a 60 ball game which means that there is a total of 60 calls for the entire game.
  3. Each Game is determined by a different coloured Ticket. The colours of the tickets include Orange, Green, Red, Purple and Blue. The orange ticket has 6 numbers, the green ticket has 9 numbers, the red ticket has 12 numbers, the purple ticket has 15 numbers and the blue ticket has 18 numbers.
  4. Each of the coloured tickets has its own jackpot prize with a different value depending on the ticket price.
  5. There are two chat rooms called Mocha and Latte so that you can vary the social element of the game and these are joined in the middle of the night from 2am to 8am.
  6. Each game plays for the 5 tickets at the same time and prizes get awarded to the first person on people to complete each ticket
  7. Marking on this game can be handled automatically or manually.

How are the Prizes in Bingo 60 Determined?

The prizes are determined by Tombola using a number of factors;

  1. How much you have staked between 25p and £2.
  2. The number of players in the game. More players means that the pot is bigger.
  3. The amount of real cash staked versus bonus money. Jackpots in Bingo 60 range from £125 to £20,000 per game.
  4. The ticket you win on will determine your jackpot as follows.
  5. With a 25p stake the jackpots on the orange ticket range from £125 for calling 11 numbers to £2,500 for calling 34 numbers on the blue ticket.
  6. With a 50p stake the jackpots range from £250 to £500.
  7. With a £1 stake the jackpots range from £500 to £10,000
  8. With a £2 stake the jackpots range from £1,000 to £20,000

Tombola has never run in the other direction from offering big jackpots on UK bingo and Bingo 60 is no exception. You can see a list of all the bigger winners up to date on the Tombola site. You can sign up here to see the list and play now.


Why does Tombola give away the Bingo 60 Bonus?

Tombola gives away it’s Bingo 60 promotion to entice players using a multiple chances at a big Jackpot to join and play. With so much competition out there Tombola has to do something different to acquire and retain new players. Bingo 60 and other Big Jackpot innovations do just that.

What Bonus can I get for Signing up to Tombola?

Players are offered a 200% Bonus on top of their first deposit up to a maximum of £25. For all players there is a minimum deposit of £10 at Tombola. It makes most sense with your first deposit to deposit the £25 so that you can play with the full bonus of £50 on day 1. Just be aware that your real money £25 will be staked first before the bonus money and Tombola’s standard bonus terms and conditions apply.

When do I receive my Bonus?

Right after registering your free account at Tombola and deposited you will receive you you will receive your 200% match bonus. This is a nice gift from Tombola to get going. You won’t find it difficult to unlock your welcome off. The quickest way is to navigate from here to Tombola and open a free account today.We will drop you from here right onto the signup page. Once you land on the signup page follow these instructions;

  1. Click the Signup Button on the top right of the browser
  2. Follow the signup process to register your free account which requires some basic details
  3. Fill in verifiable banking details
  4. Confirm your signup via your e-mail
  5. Log in to claim your welcome bonus from the bonus wallet

The process to getting started on Tombola with a welcome bonus is that simple.