Independent Bingo Sites

Independent Bingo Sites

Nowadays, A lot of bingo players in the UK are looking for Independent Bingo Sites as so many sites that they play on are part of much larger networks and don’t offer much in terms of a unique online bingo experience. Independent Bingo Sites are by definition not part of one of the online bingo networks. The goal of an independent bingo site is to thrive on its own propietary in-house design and software. Usually, Independent Bingo Sites tend to be launched by large operators or small operators with a lot of experience with networked sites that just want to innovate more than they are allowed to do within the confines of the network. Independent Bingo sites include Mr. Q Bingo, Buzz Bingo, Bingo Cams and Tombola. Most of the other Online Bingo Brands use the software set by the established bingo software providers such as Dragonfish, Virtue Fusion, Cozy Gaming or Microgaming and the underlying networks belonging to those providers.

From the household names above, you can see that being independent does not mean that you are a small brand. You can have a sizable business and brand as an indepenent bingo site in the UK. Other Brands such as Jackpot Joy and BGO have blown up their brand names with huge marketing campaigns. On the flip side, you can often find independent bingo sites that have something a little different or quirky on offer.

If you take Mr. Q Bingo as an example, you will find that Mr. Q bingo offers some really exciting and flexible bonuses and features that are exciting for players. They can offer these unique promotions because they are independent. Mr. Q offers players a great independent bingo option with a no deposit bonus.

Another great example is Game Village. Game Village is based on a virtual village and the village idiot, Wally. Gsme Village prides itself on offering some of the best bingo games i the UK from the Village Inn. These include Power Bingo, Speed Bingo, Elimination Bingo and other 80 ball and 90 ball bingo variations. This is one of the most unique bingo sites in the UK.

Traditionally, some people have avoided independent bingo sites and in particular new independent bingo sites. People preferred to stick to the bigger names in the industry for the feeling of security. However, the bingo industry online has moved a long way since the early days of dodgy independent bingo sites. If you take into account that every bingo site operating in the UK must have a UK Gambling Commission license, you can rest assured that the sites offering online bingo to UK players nowadays have very strict legal and regulatory overwatch. This means that new independent bingo sites can be trusted nowadays. If your still in doubt check out our bingo reviews as we only review licensed and regulated UK online bingo sites. The main thing here is that you do not need to be afraid of independent bingo sites nowadays. They really do offer something a little different to UK players.