Best Bingo Sites to Win On

Best Bingo sites to Win on

With so many bingo sites opening every year online, it is hard to figure out, what are the best bingo sites to win on? To answer this question that is asked time and time again there are a couple of key questions that we need to answer first. Choosing an online bingo site is a fun but serious business with the sheer amount of payout statistics on each bingo site. If you are going to find the best bingo sites to win on, you will first need to understand the payout statistics of the bingo sites.

Judging the Best Bingo Sites to win on by Payout Percentage

The payout percentage is one of the most reliable statistics available in online gambling and is monitored independently monthly by independent auditors such as eCogra. The payout percentage reflects the percentage of wagers by players that are returned as winnings to the player. For a less quantitative metric, the odd winner of a jackpot at an online bingo site is a sure sign of legitimacy with the best bingo sites to win on.

What are the odds of winning online bingo?

If you are going to find the best online bingo sites to win on, you must also as yourself what are the odds of winning online bingo?

Calculating the odds of winning in online bingo is actually quite simple. The odds of winning are the number of cards that you are playing divided by the total number of cards being played in that bingo game. For example, if you are playing 6 cards and there are 100 cards in play. Your chances of winning are 6% or 6 in 100. The key is to be able to count how many cards are currently in play. The easiest way to estimate this is by counting the number of players live in a game and multiplying by the number of cards you think each person is playing. These odds do not apply to progressive games as a winning is not a sure thing in these games. In the progressive games, it may take weeks for someone to hit the jackpot. Additionally, when it comes to the numbers on a bingo card no single number has a greater chance than another number to come up.

Best Bingo Sites to Win on this year

In this article we have explored a little bit about the best bingo sites to win on and later in the article we talk about the best strategies to increase your chances of Winning. However, most players that visit this page want to find some actual bingo sites to play on where they have a good chance of winning. We have chosen the following sites for you;

Wink Bingo – Best Bingo Site to Win on from £10

We chose Wink Bingo because it offers a lot in terms of bonuses and free money to increase your chances of winning. Players who deposit £10 get to play with £50. Additionally, at Wink you can see the number of bingo tickets sold for each of the games so that you can openly decide on where to buy your bingo tickets and increase your chances.

Stargaze Bingo – Best new bingo site to win on this year

Stargaze bingo is a brand new bingo site. As such the rooms are less busy and even more so at quieter times of the day.  There is also double cash back for new winners to limit your downside.

Take a Break Bingo – the Best Legacy Bingo site to Win on

Take a Break Bingo is a brand that has been around since 2007. We have chosen this site as one of the best bingo sites to win on as it has a great variety of bingo rooms available and it is not extremely busy.

Best Bingo Sites to Win On With No deposit?

There are also a huge number of no deposit bingo sites out there offering both free cash bonuses and more regularly free bingo tickets.

The top bingo sites to win at with no deposit out there will allow you to win real money without depositing anything. More importantly, once you’ve won this money you want to be able to withdraw it. In 2018, there was an explosion in the number of no wagering bingo sites. Some of the best bingo sites to win on with no deposit include;

  • Mecca Bingo which offers new players £5 free with absolutely no deposit required. Mecca is one of the best bingo sites to win on with no deposit because the bonuses that follow will allow you to get your hands on lots of free bingo tickets for various prizes.
  • 32Red bingo offers new players a £5 no deposit bonus. 32red has some quieter rooms which boost your chances of winning if you can buy up a solid number of the total number of tickets in play.

Being realistic, with the £5 free that most bingo sites offer it will be difficult to win big money. The £5 no deposit no deposit bonus is just to get going. If you want to see a full list of no deposit bonuses, see our specific no deposit bonus page.

Best Bingo Sites to Win On With No Wagering?

2018 marked the explosion of No wagering bingo sites. These sites offer players the chance to convert their winnings into real money without worrying about wagering requirements which limited players from cashing out their winnings traditionally. So, if you want to find the best bingo sites to Win on and to actually receive your winnings than no wagering sites are for you. The best bingo site to win on with no wagering right now without a doubt is MrQ bingo. At MrQ you will have a brand new and innovative bingo experience.

Best Bingo Strategies to Win

So What can you choose the best Bingo sites to win on? We have established you cannot affect the probability of winning a fair game of online bingo. However, this does not mean you cannot maximise your chances of winning at online bingo by choosing the Best Bingo site to win. It cannot hurt to tip the balance of winning in your favour using strategies including the following;

1. Avoid the Busy sites and Busy Times

Since the odds depend on the number of cards in play, a game with low attendance can be the jackpot for a bingo player. With less people in a bingo room there is less competition. Since the online bingo operator is legally minded to giving away the jackpot that they advertise you could be in for a rare treat. Most of the best online bingo sites to win on will also show you the number of tickets or cards sold for each game.

You can also play at off-peak times to increase your chances at winning. Depending on the bingo site, the quiet times are likely to be very early in the morning, late in the afternoon and very late at night. The key here is to look on the site for the quietest room at the quietest time with the best Jackpot available because one of the big reasons a bingo room can be quiet is that the jackpot is low. Mid-morning, lunch and in the early evening after dinner are the busiest times of day as you can imagine. Better to stay away from these times if you are looking to increase your chances of winning a jackpot.

2. Play more than 1 Card

Hardcore bingo players know that you should play as many cards at a time as you can handle without breaking your bank. This also helps experienced players to break the boredom of a game with just one card to be marked.

Playing more than 1 card does increase your odds of winning. If there are 100 cards in a game and your a playing 2, you have a 2% chance of winning. If you are playing 4, you have a 4% chance of winning. The more cards you play in a game, the higher the percentage chance that you will win. While the math looks better for you, you must also remember that every card you buy is more money that you could potentially lose because each card has the exact same statistical chance of winning the game. The main takeaway here is that you should not buy more cards than you can afford or comfortably handle as a player.

3. Use the Auto-Daub Option

The best bingo sites to win on will have the auto-daub option. You will find it under the settings button once you’re inside a room and have purchased your cards. Some hardcore players want to mark their card themselves as it is more familiar to them. However, the auto-daub option is there to protect you if your new to the game or you have just about as many cards as you can handle if not more. It is a foolproof way to make sure that your card is marked because the bingo site does it for you simultaneously across all of your bingo cards!

Imagine how upset you would be if you paid for a card and realised you lost focus and missed a number on your card and therefore missed a jackpot.  So the best bingo sites to win on will have auto-daub. You should use it! Another benefit of auto-daub is that you can take plenty of time out to chat with your host and fellow players or play some side games as your bingo game is progressing.

4. Keep a positive attitude

Good things happen to people who think positively. Why not just focus on being positive during a bingo game as it cannot hurt. Maybe it will even improve your mood for the rest of the day.  In online bingo, you do not have to focus on staying focused as the numbers are automatically marked off. This gives you time to focus on your outlook which is actually much more enjoyable.

5. Take advantage of bonuses and free tickets

The best bingo sites to win on will have lots of bonuses and free tickets for new and loyal players. You can use their loyalty schemes in order to increase your odds of winning a bingo game. When you join a bingo site first, there will be a generous welcome bonus. Additionally, BOGOF deals will help you get more tickets for less money, increasing your chances of winning. However, you need to carefully check the T&C’s for bingo bonuses as they often have strict terms.

For the more Mathematically minded bingo player there have been some great mathematical bingo strategists who have inputted on winning at bingo. These strategies are also relevant to online bingo.

One of the most renowned is Joseph Granville. Granville was an analyst who made a name for himself analysing markets. However, he turned his attention to bingo and began to prove that it is possible to spot patterns in random number draws. In the game of 75 ball bingo, the probability of any number being drawn is 1 in 75. According to Granville, one the first ball is drawn, the odds for each successive number that is drawn changes significantly. He noticed three main patterns come out during random number draws which can be summarised as follows;

  • There will be the same quantity of numbers ending with 1’s, 2’s,3’s and so on and so forth
  • There will be a balance between the number of odd and even numbers drawn
  • There will be a balance between the number of high and low numbers drawn

But how does this help me win at online bingo? For your own online bingo games, these finding suggest that your card selection is important. It is better to select cards featuring a wider range of numbers. If the first ball is 32 there is less chance of the next ball coming out ending in 2. So, the bigger the spread of numbers you have across your bingo tickets, the better your chances of winning. So don’t go for a car with 22, 32,42,52 etc

Conclusion – So, what are the best bingo sites to win on?

The Best bingo sites to win on right now are really defined by what you want as a player. If you want free money for a chance of winning on a bingo site with no deposit then you must look to no deposit bingo sites as the best bingo sites to win on. If you want to be able to withdraw your money immediately then you must look to no wagering bingo sites as the best bingo sites to win on. However, what does remain constant is the advice we have given you around the strategies that you can use to win. Playing at quiet times, buying more tickets, using auto-daub and the other factors mentioned in this article will remain true and tested as methods of increasing your chances of winning at online bingo