Casino Reviews

Casino reviews

At we know that bingo players also like to play casino games and slots in particular. Therefore, we have spent as much time focused on understanding what makes a great casino as we have on what makes a great bingo site. As with Bingo, you may find the choice overwhelming. There are so many casino sites out there, some good, some bad and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a good one and a bad one at first sight. This is where you can benefit from our site. We not only review the best and the worst casino sites for you but we also show you in detail what we are looking for so that you can tell the difference yourself in the future. Our goal is to give you the most detailed information that we can about each casino site so that you can get behind the nuts and bolts of the site and make an educated decision if this is a site where you would like to deposit your money or not. So, Let’s jump into the criteria that we look for to differentiate a legit casino site from a scam site when we are conducting our casino reviews.

Casino Licensing and Regulation

For any casino operator to offer players in the UK or internationally their gambling services, they must first have the proper licenses. For UK gambling services, all operators must be licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.The commission oversees the fairness and transparency of all casinos and makes sure that operators are working within the legal frameworks that they are allowed to. Therefore, the first and foremost factor of trust to look for in any online casino is the adequate licenses to operate in the jurisdiction in which you reside. You should find these licenses when you click through the licensing body logos in the footer of the online casino’s lobby. If you do not find a UK license then you should avoid this site.

The Quality and Depth of Casino Games

Game quality of casino games is incredibly important. Players go to online casino brands for the games more than any other factor. Let’s face it players come to online casino for the variety of games available to them. We’re not just talking quantity either. There are lots of low-quality games available out there. The best casino operators will have a variety of best titles from industry giants such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Beyond this, a good casino will have everything from slots, to live games, table games including blackjack and roulette as well as multiple Progressive Jackpots. it takes more than just a few slots and a few table games to make a great online casino. We expect at a minimum that an operator has 300+ games. A top tier casino brand should have well in excess of 500 games and the very very best can have over 1000 games although this is very rare.

In the UK Online Slots, Roulette games and Blackjack games are by far the most popular. You will see both basic variations and live dealer variations of these popular games on offer at all of the best online casinos in the UK. Interestingly, smaller games such as craps and baccarat serve very popular niche audiences in the UK and as such have a huge following.

Live dealer casino game selection is one of the single most important casino review criteria in 2019. Its never been a better time to get a real life land-based casino experience from the comfort of your own home than right now. Live deal games have exploded in recent years and in some countries like India there is the single most popular casino game. In other countries, like the UK, they are the single most valuable casino game for VIP players. All of the best online casinos will have an excellent live dealer game product with variations of all of your favourite games including French Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette and lots of Blackjack. We won’t do a casino review nowadays unless there is a live casino product in place.

The Bonuses and Promotions

How good are the bonuses that a casino offers? That is one of the first questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing a casino. The welcome bonus is possible the most important of the casino bonuses available to UK players. You need to be aiming for a welcome bonus in excess of 100% of the amount of money you deposit. Additionally, there should be deposit matches available for your 2nd, 3rd and potentially even your fourth deposit. Following this, the bonusing must be all about your retention as a player. The casino wants you to keep playing and should bonus you as such. So, you could be entitled to daily, weekly and monthly cash back, free spins and other free offers, reload bonuses and other deposit match bonuses as you go. You need to do your best to understand what is likely to be on offer as a loyal player by checking out the promotions tab of the online casino lobby.

Modern Online Casino Site and Software

Have you ever joined an online casino and felt that you were somewhere familiar? This is usually down to the software provider. Much of the time you are on an online casino site that is part of a much larger software providers group also known as a white label. Many of these casinos feel very similar as their software is provided by a few large software companies including Whitehat Gaming, IGC, PlayTech, Every Matrix and a few more.

What is important is that the software is top quality and modern to allow for an excellent quality gaming experience. The software must be incredibly modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Additionally, the software must be stable and not buggy. Nowadays, players cannot and will not stand for slow and buggy games. If you do notice that certain games are slow and buggy you should be careful of the site as the games may be pirated. Strong graphics are also a must for online casino players nowadays. Some of the better slot developers are developing games at the same level as video games.

From an information access perspective, players must be able to find all of the necessary information to play from the cashier, through to bonus terms and conditions, game rules and support options. Without these pieces of information being easily accessible an online casino is at nothing. In our online casino reviews, we focus hard on these kinds of information points to make a decision about how legitimate a casino site is.

A modern casino site must have an excellent mobile casino experience. Almost all of the casino reviews we conduct include a mobile casino as literally 80%+ of players are playing from mobile devices. We also like to test mobile apps in our casino reviews. It is a bonus if an operator has both a native iOS and native Android app. However, we do expect that they have some sort of mobile applications nowadays. These can include hybrid applications that work by effectively wrapping the mobile site in an app as they still deliver and excellent user experience to the player.

Depositing and Withdrawing

No real money casino play can happen without the ability to make payment and withdraw from the online casino. As a player, you need to be able to easily fund your account, deposit and withdraw your money in a safe, straightforward and secure manner. Additionally, you should have a wide variety of payment options available to you so that you as a player can decide how you want to interact with a casino operator financially. For example, some players want to use traditional debit or credit cards. Some want more privacy and don’t want to give the operator their banking details and therefore opt for payment methods like PayPal or PaySafeCard. Others again want to use apple pay and similar products to pay using their mobile phone. The choice should be given to the user. We weight our casino reviews heavily toward operators who offer substantial payment method variety so that players can choose for themselves. Finally, withdrawal method fees and times may vary. So, you must check carefully when you do your own casino review that the payment method you pick is actually the best payment method for you based on easy of use, time to deposit funds, time to withdraw funds and potential additional charges.

Customer Support

Customer support is so important to a casino review. In our review, we expect at a minimum to have e-mail and phone support available on weekdays. However, we provide a more positive review for online casinos that have phone support, e-mail support and live chat support around the clock. Additionally, we focus on the FAQ’s section of each casino that we review in order to understand if the FAQ’s actually cover the problems that players may have in a way that is useful to the player. We cannot stand doing a casino review and finding a tiny FAQ section on the site and limited support to follow it up. it is not a good experience for the user and we cannot review a site like that positively.


We aim to both bring you the best casino reviews for your online casino play and also to teach you how to identify the best casinos to play at by reviewing them yourself. The most important factors have been covered in the above article and you can see for yourself that our team puts a lot of time and effort into reviewing all of the sites that we can find and making those reviews independent for better or worse.